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Become an Ambassador

Your interest in becoming an Ambassador makes us very very happy 🙂

The single most important thing for us is that being an Ambassador gives you nothing but #positivenergy. To ensure that, we’ve put together some questions for you to answer and contemplate around, but first…

What is LunchIn™?                                          It’s all really simple…

Weekly inclusive offline/online/hybrid face2face omninetworking meetings. Why weekly? Because this, together with dropin attendance open for everyone when they wantcan, ensures relaxed networkers that feels a part of the group no matter if they attend every week, once a month, once a quarter or once every ten years. New and familiar faces every week. New opportunities every week. An easily adapted open atmosphere. Offline as well as online meetings are structurally unstructured. We show up. We sit down. Face2face. It’s all about everyones philosophizing, discussing, contemplating and evolving. That’s the agenda. EVERYONE. Why inclusive? LunchIn™ is different than the traditional exclusive business networks. LunchIn™ is inclusive. We love networking, we love people and the extreme variety of us. We are all the same and share the very same basic biological needs to be fulfilled. But we are also Younique. Personas. Drives. Backgrounds. Perspectives. Experiences. Values. Ideals. Interest. Title. Age. Sexuality. Gender. Ethnicity. Diversity is valuable. We philosophize. We discuss. We contemplate. We learn. We understand. We respect. We evolve. Our meetings build relations. Relations and trust is a necessity in business, direct and referred business, but also in finding a new friend, a new employer, an employee, a business partner or even a partner of love. We don´t mind. The network is free of structure and it is really up to yourself to direct your own way of networking. Your own personal why. Always good to know why you network but finding out what your why is is also a why 🙂 #itsallabouteveryone is our hashtag. Our single core value. LunchIn™ is easily accessible and a possibilityful place where you bring your own ambitions, your own agenda and your own expectations. No demands, no obligations, no stress and no bad conscience. Well, there is one demand, we demand that you’ll be yourself. That’s it. We are certain that you will fulfill that demand. After all, you are undoubtedly the world champion of being you. Our mantra is: Everyone is welcome. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. Every week. When you wantcan. Stress is forbidden. Relaxed people are relaxed. Relaxed people bond easier. Bonds and relations is business. And so much more. Why the name LunchIn™? LunchIn™ was started 2017.06.15. By Kristian Andersson in Jönköping, Sweden, after having lunch with a never before met LinkedIn contact. Here’s the first post about LunchIn™ The name originates from the activity itself: networking over a piece of food. Perhaps the oldest tradition of networking. Breaking bread. One year later 2018.06.15 we had 160 groups in 33 countries. One year of 2 500 offline meetings creating synergy from #positivenergy when 40 000 people met and philosophized, discussed, contemplated and evolved, TOGETHER, while LunchIn™ Here’s more about the history behind it all. The name still is valid even though we evolved to having offline, online and hybrid meetings. Going LunchIn™ shall always be associated with the bonding effect that eating together has. Families. Friends. Strangers. Customers. Employers. Colleagues. Fellow nerds. Et cetera. We are aiming for 5000 groups by 2025. Everyone shall have a LunchIn™ group and possibility to enjoy the #positivenergy and networking when they wantcan. #itsallabouteveryone


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Discuss. Contemplate. Evolve.
Together. Face2Face. With everyone.


Everyone is important.
Most important for us is you.
And what we can do for you.
Let us know your thoughts.