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“A drop in the ocean” is sometimes considered as an action that has no effect,
we respectfully disagree,
even the smallest drop (action) creates ripples.
Ripples of #positivenergy. Ripples that create relations.
Relations is business.

Direct and referred business.
And it’s not what you say you do that sells,
it’s what you do that sells.

Everyone is important.
And everyone they know. Now.
And most of all in the long run.

It’s not (only) about what people do or who they know now,
it’s (also) about what people will do
and who they will know in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 years.

That’s why we think that the question:
“Who are you?” is more important than “What do you do?”

What we do changes throughout life.

Going LunchIn™ is to philosophize, discuss, contemplate and evolve.
About what you, and everyone, has done / wants to do / will do. Together.

The agenda is everyone. The agenda is the discussions.

Inclusive omninetworking. Face2Face. ORL.
Offline/Online Real Life.

When you wantcan. Everywhere.

Let’s go create some ripples,

Let’s go LunchIn™



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Discuss. Contemplate. Evolve.
Together. Face2Face. With everyone.


Everyone is important.
Most important for us is you.
And what we can do for you.
Let us know your thoughts.