Choosing the right network

Members of Lunchin

Are you looking to develop more sustainable work relations?

One way is to engage and participate in one or several networks.

Aside from Lunchin, which we refer to as an occupational network, there are plenty of other categories and orientations such as business, sports, hobbies, alumni and place-based networks, to point out a few. All have their own specific objectives and purposes. A medium-sized Swedish town often has more than 100 different active networks, which is great as networking can have an equally positive impact on the individual, the business/organisation and the local community.

It is important to find a network that gives you the right energy and inspiration.

Different networks attract different kinds of people. We all have our own experiences, opinions and ambitions. However, successful networks are often made of devoted members and tend to be frequent, sustainable, long-term based and developing.

Nätverksmöte på ett hotell

How to succeed as a networker?

In my opinion, the successful networker is characterised by; energy, curiosity, empathy, transparency, priority, credibility, efficiency and follow-up ability. When this is exercised well, it leads to what many networkers consider the most important thing – trust.

- My name is Anders Nilsson.

Since the late 70s, my work has focused on building up networks and organising events.

I consider myself a “Relationist”, meaning someone who helps people and businesses expand and create more sustainable work relations."