Become Ambassador

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Become an Ambassador

Would you like to organize your own club and become an Ambassador?

This is what you can expect:

  • The opportunity to run your local meeting place for new contacts and friends.
  • The joy and pride of bringing people together over friendly and rewarding lunch sessions.
  • The comfort of joining a concept already established by other Ambassadors at other locations.
  • Keep up with the latest in networking with other Ambassadors.
  • The advantage of having more opportunities to gain new connections for work, exchange and collaboration.
  • Receive compensation for the time and work put into hosting lunch meetings.
  • And of course, a free LunchIn membership.
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Submit your application with the requested information in the following form - Application for Ambassadors



Once a discussion about local opportunities has been held with the Lunchin recruitment group, information on your application will be provided.


Contact a suitable restaurant

After your completed application has been approved, you may contact a suitable local restaurant about hosting meetings.


Summon your network!

Make sure to spread the word among friends, colleagues and associates to generate interest for future memberships. Our advice is to give people a two to three-week notice before you set up your first introductory lunch meeting.

Try the Opportunity

As a prospective Ambassador, you have the opportunity to try and start up your own Lunchin club. Once you have filed your interest and had your application approved, you may send out invitations to 2 or more introductory meetings. These may be held at a suitable venue accepted by the Lunchin guidelines.

You become an Ambassador once you have gathered a minimum of 15 interested members. This will then provide you with an official "Lunchin™ - more friends" meeting place. The Ambassadorship also implies that you have the right and responsibility to introduce and use MY-CLUBROOM to enhance the Lunchin network experience for all members and guests, both for on-site check-ins and for sharing of profile cards amongst members.

Choice of meeting place

Lunchin arranges meetings at restaurants that are accessible and affordable. This is based on the venue’s location, capacity for mingling activities, price range and quality. It is the Ambassador’s responsibility to locate a suitable restaurant, but it also requires final approval from Lunchin and should correspond with Lunchin’s rules and guidelines for suitable meeting places.

(Please note that Lunchin is not responsible for members’ or guests’ lunch bills at meetings. Members and meeting guests are required to cover their own costs for food and drink, and it is up to the restaurant or venue to ensure that all individual bills have been paid as per normal dining procedure).