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Meeting new contacts with skills and knowledge different to your own can be both inspiring and rewarding. Knowledge and insights that may prove fruitful in your occupation or field of work. Perhaps you find a new business partner, colleague, client or even just a reliable contact.

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About us

Lunchin is a branch within Affärsminglet i Norden AB

Lunchin was launched in 2017 and developed during the following years as a free network of groups around the world. Before the COVID–19 pandemic struck, Lunchin had been established in 68 countries, representing almost 500 individual groups.

In September 2023, all of Lunchin’s Intellectual Property Rights and media channels were acquired by Affärsminglet i Norden AB. Since then, the ambition has been to further evolve the concept to make it more sustainable for owners, ambassadors, members and stakeholders.

Anders Nilsson and Kristian Andersson at the handover of Lunchin

Anders Nilsson and Kristian Andersson at the handover of Lunchin.

Our story


Anders Nilsson relocated from Gothenburg to his old family farmhouse in Roslagen in the summer of 2013. As a new full-time resident, he discovered the need to have good personal contacts that could enable new business opportunities. He soon got in contact with the entrepreneur Tommy Kårlin through the local Rotary club.


Anders and Tommy agreed to start up a new network concept together - Roslagsminglet, which premiered on the 10th of April, 2014 at Langers Hotell. The local newspaper Norrtälje Tidning covered this initiative, as well as its ambitions to create better conditions for growth and development by bringing together entrepreneurs for various meetings and mingling activities. Shortly thereafter, the initiative grew and came to also include Åland. This expansion was reflected in the change of name from Ros(lags)minglet to Ros(lands)minglet: Roslagen + Åland = Roslandsminglet.


Kristian Andersson from Jönköping launches Lunchin - a meeting forum in which Linkedin contacts could meet in real life over a nice lunch and bite to eat. The concept quickly grew and soon spread to 438 cities, in 68 countries with more than 300.000 followers.


In the spring of 2018, Roslandsmingled expanded to cover a larger geographical area. By then, several members and stakeholders had voiced the need for a bigger network of contacts that covered more locations. As such, the decision was made to gear up and construct a platform for Nordic growth. Roslandsminglet therefore turned into Affärsminglet i Norden AB to better reflect the company’s new focus and geographical market.

2021 - 2022

Anders and Kristian met digitally during 2021-2022 to talk about how different networks could survive the effects of the pandemic.


On the 11th of August, 2023, Kristian Andersson decided to sell the Lunchin brand and concept to Anders Nilsson and Affärsminglet i Norden AB.

After eight weeks of intensive hard work, the new Lunchin concept premiered in Gothenburg on the 5th of October, 2023.